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            UIC Sports Complex has been open to UIC staff and students as from September 2017.The main building has four floors, including fitness area,swimming pool,dancing/yoga room,table tennis room, etc.On the top floor, there are three open-air standard tennis courts and a fitness track along the tennis , meets the college students' physical education curriculum and daily exercise use. For detailed introduction and photos, please click the following URL: https://center.www.lz3zl.com/en/wpe/about-us/sports-complex


        UIC Sports Complex Open Times


        Times                        Open Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
        Free Morning 07:00-09:00 Open Open Open Open Open Closed Closed
          Morning 09:00-12:00 Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
        Slow Time Afternoon 12:00-14:00 Open Open Closed Open Open Open Open
        14:00-17:30 Class Time Class Time
        Class Time
        Busy Time Evening 18:00-21:00(Pool Closes at 20:30) Open Open Open Open Open Open

        The swimming pool is closed during the free open times in the morning.

        Ten minitutes will be allowed for site clearance before the end of each open session

        The Gymnasium will be open to students and teachers for a fee when not having class or other training.
        Number Venue or Event Operational Time Place Price Member Card Fee
        Type Slow times Busy times
        1 Fitness Room    Workdays
        (except when closed or in class):
        07:00-09:00 Free Time*
        Fitness Room  Individual CNY10/Time/Person CNY10/Time/Person Members enjoy a maximum disccount of 20%-off with membership card
        Rental forTraining CNY30/Hour/Person CNY50/Hour/Person
        2 Swimming Pool Workdays
        (except when closed or in class):
        Swimming Pool Individual CNY20/Time/Person CNY20/Time/Person
        Rental forTraining CNY50/Hour/Person
        3 Combined Training Room Workdays
        (except when closed or in class):
        07:00-09:00  Free Time*
        Basketball Court Half Court CNY100/Hour CNY150/Hour
        Whole Court CNY200/Hour CNY300/Hour
        Individual CNY10/Time/Person
        Badminton Court   CNY10/Hour/Site CNY30/Hour/Site
        Table Tennis   CNY10/Hour/Table
        Dance Room   CNY100/Hour/Room CNY150/Hour/Room
        4 Tennis Court Workdays
        (except when closed or in class):
        07:00-09:00  Free Time*
        Tennis Court   CNY10/Hour/Site CNY30/Hour/Site
          Fee of basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room and tennis court when used for training: CNY50/Hour/Person

        *Free Open Times:
        Every Monday to Friday 07:00 to 09:00. Free openings for the gym, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, dancing room (only SP-B105). All of which can be reserved a day in advance, bringing your own equipment.

        *Open times of summer, winter holidays and national holidays will be sujected to further notice.
        The school will not collect fees for the following activities:
        1. Classes belonging to PE schedules;
        2. All types of training for professional teams;
        3. Yearly PE sports competitions;
        4. Opening and Graduation Ceremonies;
        5. Yearly fire fighting and military training;
        6. Other activities that the school approves.

        Any student clubs or units which need to book any venue in the Gymnasium for group activities, please call the front desk of Gymnasium via 3620531 to confirm whether the venue is available to be booked. Upon confirmation, please complete the UIC Sports Complex Venues Booking Form and submit it to the front desk of the Gymnasium after signed by Programme Director, Project Coordinator, Unit Head, Dean or Director. Fees will be charged according to UIC Gymnasium Service Fees (for UIC Staff and Students) specified above. 

        Welcome any report of abuse of pricing system.(Hotline: 3620531, Reports: 3620675, email:wpe-gym@www.lz3zl.com

        Wechat official account: UIC體育館  qrcode for gh bd1e7e98241b 258 1

        UIC Sports Facilities Management Sub-committee reserves the rights to final interpretation of above content.


        For more details concerning the rules and regulations on venue use, membership method and management rules, please refer to the following documents:

        UIC Gymnasium Management Regulations

        UIC Gymnasium Membership Card Management Method

        Agreement on Venue Reservation by Using UIC Gymnasium Membership Card

        Fitness Room Rules

        Entrance Rules of UIC Swimming Pool

        Regulations on UIC Staff’s Family Members Using the Facilities of UIC Gymnasium

        UIC Sports Complex Venues Booking Form