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        Professor Jialu XU
        Former Vice-Chairman, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress; Beijing Normal University


        Dr Clement C.J. CHEN
        Chairman, Council and Court, Hong Kong Baptist University

        Professor Qi DONG
        President, Beijing Normal University

        Professor Roland T. CHIN
        President and Vice-Chancellor, Hong Kong Baptist University

        Professor Zuoyu ZHOU
        Vice-President, Beijing Normal University

        Professor Ricky N.S. WONG
        Associate Vice President (Teaching and Learning) cum Academic Registrar, Hong Kong Baptist University

        Professor Yu HUANG
        Associate Vice-President (Mainland); Dean, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University

        Professor Hongguang CHENG
        Director, Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, Beijing Normal University

        Professor Tao TANG
        President, UIC

        Professor Cong ZHANG
        Vice President (Students and General Affairs), UIC

        Council Secretary

        Professor Zhi CHEN
        Vice President (Academic Affairs), UIC


        Updated in April 2019